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Community Health Survey 2002

Select a Survey Measure

General Physical and Mental Health
Self-reported health status
Serious psychological distress
Number of poor physical health days

Access to Health Care
Health insurance type
Health insurance coverage
Did not get needed medical care
Personal doctor
Last dental cleaning

Weight, Exercise, Nutrition
Overweight and obesity
Exercise in last 30 days
Fruit/vegetable consumption

Diabetes ever

Influenza (flu) vaccination
Pneumonia vaccination
Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Blood pressure screening
High blood pressure ever
Current blood pressure medication
Cholesterol screening
High cholesterol ever
Current cholesterol medication
Regular aspirin use for heart

Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol
Smoking status
Type of smoker
Quit attempts
Second-hand smoke at home
Second-hand smoke at work
Smoke-free home policy (smokers)
Smoke-free home policy (nonsmokers)
Alcohol drinker
Heavy drinking
Binge drinking
Asthma ever
Current asthma
Emergency department visits due to asthma

HIV Testing and Sexual Behavior
HIV testing ever
HIV risk factors
Men who had sex with men
Women who had sex with women
Condom use at last sex
Number of sex partners

Domestic Violence
Fear of intimate partner

Cancer Screening
Breast cancer screening (mammography)
Cervical cancer screening (Pap test)
Colon cancer screening (colon- or sigmoidoscopy)

The Community Health Survey (CHS) includes self-reported data from adults, ages 18 and older.
CHS has included adults with landline phones since 2002 and, starting in 2009, also has included adults who can be reached by cell-phone.
Starting in 2011, CHS weighting methods were updated to use Census 2010 and additional demographic characteristics (methodology report [PDF]).

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†Adjusted to the year 2000 U.S. Standard Population

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