EpiQuery: NYC Interactive Health Data

EpiQuery provides data on the health of New Yorkers from a variety of sources, including surveys, surveillance data, and vital records (births and deaths).

  • To begin using EpiQuery: Select a module below. Click the "information" link next to the module name to view detailed information about the data source.
  • Not sure where to find the data you're interested in? Select the EpiQuery Summary tab at the top of this page to view a brief summary of all EpiQuery modules, as well as a list of topics and the modules within EpiQuery where related data may be obtained.
  • Tutorial and more information: Select the FAQ tab at the top of this page for frequently asked questions and a step-by-step guide to using EpiQuery.

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    Vital Statistics (Information)
    NYC Population Data

    Explore NYC neighborhood data at the  NYC Neighborhood Health Atlas
    Explore environmental health data at the  Environment and Health Data Portal

    Email Inquiries

    EpiQuery: query@health.nyc.gov

    Suggested Citation

    New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Epiquery: NYC Interactive Health Data System - [MODULE NAME HERE, i.e. Community Health Survey 2007]. [DATE VIEWED HERE]. https://nyc.gov/health/epiquery