Child Community Health Survey 2009

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General Health
General health status

Mental Health Conditions
Any of 5 mental health diagnoses (ever)
Any of 5 mental health diagnoses (current)
A.D.D or A.D.H.D (ever)
A.D.D or A.D.H.D (current)
Anxiety (ever)
Anxiety (current)
Autism (current)
Behavioral/conduct problems (ever)
Behavioral/conduct problems (current)

Physical Health Conditions
Hearing problems (ever)
Vision problems (ever)

Developmental Disabilities
Speech problems (ever)
Speech problems (current)
Developmental delays (excluding speech) (ever)
Developmental delays (excl. speech) (current)
Learning disabilities (ever)
Learning disabilities (current)
Asthma (ever)
Current asthma (past year)

Avoiding or delaying vaccines

Oral Health
Dental visits
Dental sealants

Child Development
Use of medical care/mental health services
Use of extra educational services
Limited ability
Developmental problem requiring treatment or counseling
Emotional/behavioral difficulties
Concerns with emotional/behavioral development
Referral to special education services
Parent feels child is hard to care for
Professional concerns with behavior, development or growth
Day Care
Child care

Use of helmet
Injured within the past 3 months

Access To Health Care
Health insurance
Insured all year
Could not afford needed medical care
Mental health treatment/counseling
Specialist treatment (other than mental health)
Could not afford timely filling of prescribed medication
Emergency room visits

Food & Nutrition
School breakfast programs
Fruit/vegetable consumption (daily)
Fish servings (weekly)
Fast-food consumption (past week)
Type of milk
Milk servings
Sugary drink consumption (daily)
Water type
Physical Activity
Physical activity (excluding school PE/recess)
Riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or rollerblades
Sports teams/activity trainings
TV, video & video game hours
Hours of computer usage (other than schoolwork)

School-year regular bedtime
Difficulty waking up on school days
Sleeping through the night
Sleep duration

Household & Neighborhood Environment
Smoking within the home
Child safety

Academic performance


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