Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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General Physical or Mental Health
Physical check-up
Felt sad
Attempted suicide
Injured in suicide attempt
Got help from a counselor
Self-reported health status
Dentist visit
HPV vaccination

Sufficient sleep

Physical Activity
Physically active 60 minutes per day
Daily PE class
Mostly Walk/bike to school
Walk/bike all the way to school
Biked in past year
Excessive TV viewing
Leisure computer use

Carry a weapon
Carry a gun in past 12 months
Carry a gun in past 30 days
Missed school because unsafe
Got into physical fight
Injured in physical fight
Physically hurt by boy/girlfriend
Forced to have sex
Member of a gang
Experienced physical dating violence
Experienced sexual dating violence
Bullied on school property
Sexual Behavior and Orientation, Gender Identity
Sexual orientation
Gender attribution
Transgender identity
Ever had sex
Currently sexually active
Sex of sexual contacts
Age at first sex
Had 4 or more sex partners
Used condom at last sex
Ever pregnant/made pregnant
Been pregnant/made pregnant last 12 months
Drug or alcohol before sex
Method of contraception

Alcohol or Tobacco Use
Alcohol use
Binge drinking
Current smoker
Heavy smoking
Source of cigarettes
Menthol cigarettes
E-vapor product

Asthma (ever)
Asthma attack in past 12 months

HIV Testing
HIV test
Weight and Nutrition
Fruits and vegetables
Soda consumption
Sugary drink consumption
Weight perception
Overweight and obesity
Vomit or laxative use

Substance Abuse
Synthetic marijuana
Rx pain meds without an Rx
Other Rx meds without an Rx
Rx benzodiazepines without an Rx
Rx stimulants without an Rx

Swimming ability
Helmet use
Seatbelt use
Sunscreen use
Indoor tanning device use

Social Factors
Kicked out/ran away/abandoned
Lost home/could not afford housing
Parental incarceration

School Connection
Connection with school adult
School connectedness


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