Asthma ever, 2011

Asthma ever: Have students ever been told by a doctor or nurse that they had asthma?

Due to EpiQuery's separate display of 'Not sure' responses, 'No' response prevalences for this variable may not match other sources.

New York City YRBS Results
(95% Confidence Interval)†
# of Students^
Yes 23.0% 
(21.7 - 24.3)
No 70.9% 
(69.5 - 72.2)
Not sure 6.2% 
(5.5 - 6.9)
^Estimated number of students rounded to the nearest 1,000
† Confidence Interval (CI) is a measure of estimate precision: the wider the CI, the more imprecise the estimate.

SAS Output
Asthma ever, 2011
NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2011

Ever been told you have asthma:	Not sure Percent:	6.2 Ever been told you have asthma:	No Percent:	70.9 Ever been told you have asthma:	Yes Percent:	23.0
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